IT Service Management

IT Service Management System

ITG offers a two tier approach for businesses to solve their ITSM dilemma. The first tier provides customers and their end users with access to a web-based Service Portal. The second tier provides a live Help Desk Hotline with access to service support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Closing the gap caused by supporting a growing number of users across varying geographic locations and time zones. ITG currently supports IT systems in over 70 countries worldwide.

ITG increases the capacity and efficacy of today’s businesses where IT Service Management systems are required to support a wide range of users, devices, and platforms; covering large geographic locations, and supporting not only their internal users, but their customers, too. Managing desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, and their associated peripherals, along with the infrastructure to support them, vastly increases the volume of service requests issued to IT service support teams. These evolving issues pose the question of how to effectively support the growing number of users, devices, and platforms? A situation faced by many companies that can quickly overwhelm or exceed the capabilities of any IT support team. ITG’s ITSM offering allows a company to leverage ITG’s existing worldwide support network to handle the increased frequency and volume of service requests caused by expanding technology and customer growth. The high investment and maintenance cost of hiring and training additional resources prevents many businesses from expanding their IT service capabilities. To support in house expansion companies are forced to pass the high additional costs onto their customers. Internal expansion of an ITSM system also detracts from an organizations focus on core revenue generating operations. ITG helps businesses reduce operational costs associated with managing and expanding IT service capabilities. Through world class customer service and support ITG ensures your technology remains operational and resources stay on task.


ITG’s IT Service Management Offering Provides:

  • A simple IT Service Management system for Government and Business
  • Certified Best Practices quality of service based on ISO, ITIL, and CMMI principles
  • A tailored solution to meet the specific needs of each client
  • IT Support for your company and your customers
  • The capability to meet contract based IT service requirements on a global scale
  • Support for remote users, regardless of geographic location
  • Access to well-trained and qualified personnel 24x7x365


Standard ITSM Offering

Consists of the Web Portal and Help Desk features, to include

Web Portal Customization
  • Initial Customization of Web Portal interface
Web Portal Monthly Maintenance
  • Includes 150 service requests per month from help desk hotline or web portal
  • Provides for data management, diagnostics, and software upgrades as necessary to keep the web portal running efficiently
Help Desk Support

  • 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via a Help Desk hotline
  • Direct access to Technical Account Managers located at ITG’s Global Support Center (GSC)
Two Level Service Support
  • Level 1 support: service requests that are resolved during initial communication with the end user. Including inbound calls, emails, and web portal requests
  • Level 2 support: service requests that require the dispatch of a Field Engineer or Technical Specialist for onsite support


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